The Everything Chair


from Prezzybox

The Everything Chair is the mighty throne from which to rule your mancave. Or womancave. Or othercave. Whatever your gender, there's no questioning your decrees when issued from the inflatable comfort of the Everything Chair.

What's everything, exactly? Well, let's start with the two speakers mounted into the headrest, connected to the 3.5mm aux cable input for audio from televisions, games consoles, media devices and the like.

There's pockets galore, with side panels for magazines, remotes and other lounging paraphernalia, and two sunken cup holders in the arm rests for brews, beers and whatever your beverage of choice may be.

Comfy, cosy and commanding, the Everything Chair includes a puncture repair kit for your peace of mind, and the chance to rule your own little fiefdom from the security of your inflatable throne.

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