Innermost Jeeves Bowler Hat Wall Light by Jake Phipps


from Occa-Home

This quirky wall light had us ‘bowled’ over with delight! We love Jake Phipps new light design for Innermost that compliments the Jeeves and Wooster lighting pendant range. The Bowler Hat wall light’s vintage inspiration is quintessentially British and a fun reflection of Britain's cultural heritage. Its masculine eccentricity and unusual design is perfect for those seeking to inject some humour into their interior design.

The Jeeves Bowler Hat Wall Light is made from the traditional felted wool outer shell whilst the interior is made from gold anodised aluminium which casts a warming golden glow. The hat measures 25cm by 13cm. The matching Wooster Hat and Jeeves Hat Pendant Lights are also available from Occa-Home.

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