Tom, Dick And Harry Storage Jars by Thabto



The quirky and unusual kitchen storage jars from the designers at Thabto who have name them rather cutely as Tom, Dick and Harry. They’re perfect for Tea, Coffee and Sugar storage due to the unique ‘glint in the eye’ lettering indicating what’s inside - T is for Tea, C is for Coffee and S is for Sugar. We’re not entirely sure which one is actually Tom, Dick or Harry though. The head and shoulders of each of the bowls serves three purposes - Keep the contents protected, look fabulous and rather cleverly, accommodate a spoon should you wish to leave them in there. They’re made from food safe grad A porcelain with a food safe silicone rubber seal to keep the contents fresh.

The ‘glint in the eye’ marking are subtle enough if you wish to use the jars to store something else. Or you may wish to consider their black evil twins - Lex, Seth & Carrie who wear a more evil glint!

The Kitchen storage jars are designed by Notting Hill based Thabto which actually stands for Two Heads Are Better Than One, although in the case of Tom, Dick and Harry - three heads are better! Thabto are known for their fun and quirky homewares and their product portfolio is expanding, now fourteen and counting.

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