Ruark R7 DAB/FM/CD Bluetooth Wireless Integrated Music System


from John Lewis

We don't really have to devote many words to the aesthetics of the Ruark R7. It's indisputably stylish to be sure, with rich handsome wood and clean lines fronted by an elegantly simple display. Encased in that sophisticated walnut veneer cabinet, mounted on black lacquer legs, are two 5.5 inch dual concentric stereo drives and an 8-inch throw subwoofer, ensuring excellent coverage across the whole range.

Your options for playback sources are near limitless, too. The Ruark R7 features an FM tuner, DAB digital radio and internet radio for starters, as well as a multi-disc CD player. It also features DLNA support for streaming, plus Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from handheld devices and the like. Plus, there's a USB charging port, in case you've got some hot tracks on your memory stick.

If you're somehow still not sold, take a look at the nifty RotoDial radio link remote. It's without a doubt the coolest remote I've ever seen. It's a modest disc shape, fitting into the contours of the palm with control buttons along the circumference and a rotary volume control sitting neatly under the thumb. It's like a space frisbee. Now that's funky.

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