About FunkyInteriors.com

Are you bold, quirky, and creative? Perhaps a little adventurous? Do you want your home to reflect personality? Our aim at Funky Interiors is to help you find the funky contemporary furniture and the funky accessories you need to create the home you dream of - all sourced from a range of UK Retailers.

From Shabby Chic to Retro Vintage, we pick the best products from a range of styles to suit a variety of tastes - except the boring and uninspired taste of course.

Funky Interiors is a labour of love, we get to spend time browsing online shops looking for products we love and whilst we can’t afford nor have the room to buy them all we get to do the next best thing and choose them to showcase on our website and blog.

Have you seen a product you just love? Send us an email and we may just add it to our virtual collection.