New York Yellow Cabs & Times Square Wallpaper Mural


from Gardens and Homes Direct

Add a new dimension to your wall with this stunning and vibrant iconic image of Yellow New York Cabs in Times Square. This bright, energetic, visually striking piece of wall art comes in at an affordable £44.99 which we think is very good value for money, cheaper than a lot of artwork!

This high resolution wallpaper mural come is 4 easy to hang pieces, just paste it up like you would with normal wallpaper and its washable. The complete image measures 3.15 metres wide and 2.32 metres high so measure your walls carefully although you can trim the image down to fit. If you’re in rented accommodation or student digs you could possibly get away with copious amounts of Blu Tack but be prepared for it to drop down when you’re watching a horror movie or equally scary moments

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