G-1 Glass Pool Table


from Firebox

Here's a classy pool table miles away from the tatty old heap sat down in your local.

The G-1 Glass Pool Table combines the transparent JJ Abram's Star Trek glass-and-lights look of the future with the classic gameplay of everyone's pub favourite, with hardy transparent surfaces, a lightweight frame, a visible ball return mechanism and solid bumpers. For those of us who can only interpret the world through references to Tom Cruise films, it's like the sleek and stylish offspring of The Color of Money and Minority Report.

Custom-built by wizened technology wizards, the G-1 Glass Pool Table's 15mm Monolithic Float glass surface is covered with a durable Vitrik playing surface, offering all the friction and resistance of conventional baize so you'd never know the difference to play on it. At the same time, it'll keep its characteristics for way longer than baize would - and let's be fair, it looks so much cooler than scuffed, faded green. Also included are aluminium cues, a full set of balls, a triangle and a bridge stick.

Available in two sizes and in a range of powder-coated colours to suit your bachelor pad's colour scheme, the G-1 Glass Pool Table is the pool table of the future. If we're not all playing virtual pool with our holographic brain implants by then.

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