Black + Blum Flow Wine Rack


from Drinkstuff

The very minimalist design of Black and Blum’s Flow Wine Rack ingeniously utilises the laws of physics to allow wine bottles to be cantilevered to support themselves in suspension. The sculptural wave design of the stainless steel metal strip paired with circular cutouts allows for wine bottles to be suspended on either side by their neck to create a visually effective wine rack display.

The wine rack allow for quick and easy storage whilst also allowing you to see which bottle is which since the labels are quite clearly on display. Each flow wine rack holds up to eight bottles and wall fixings are included. Sadly the wine bottles aren’t included. The wine rack measures 55 cm in height, 4.5 cm in width with a depth of 8cm.

Designed by London based Anglo-Swiss designers Black+Blum who offer fun, contemporary, innovative designs that are affordable and have won numerous awards. The Flow Wine rack is a fantastic way to store and display your favourite wines or a great gift for wine lovers!

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