Ball Chair


from BODIE and FOU

Forget everything you thought you knew about seating. Well, not everything. You can remember the bit where you take the weight off your legs and put it on your bum. That hasn't changed. More specifically, forget the bit about the shape of chairs - because this quirky comfy option comes in the shape of a ball.

Featuring an eco-friendly design courtesy of Finn Stone, the Ball Chair is made from recycled ABS plastic, a practically indestructible polypropylene - although as always with such claims, we discourage experimentation along those lines.

Additionally, the high-quality, UV-resistant, environmentally friendly gloss makes it perfect for use indoors and out.

We've chosen the turquoise variant here - rigorous scientific studies* have shown this to be one of the very funkiest shades - but it's also available in black, grey, soft pink, white, daffodil, sky blue, and fuschia. Due to the way BODIE and FOU handle those other options, they're listed as separate products. Quirky!

*my entirely biased personal opinion

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