Jeeves Bowler Hat Table Lamp by Jake Phipps

from Barker and Stonehouse

We loved the Bowler Hat Wall Light and now the new addition Jeeves Bowler Hat Table Lamp also has us ‘bowled’ over with delight!

Designed by Jake Phipps for Innermost, the Bowler Hat Table light expands the quintessentially British hat range that is a fun take on our British Heritage. The Bowler hat is essentially the same with a black wool felt exterior with the addition on a anodised aluminium lining in a metallic gold finish. The really neat and new design feature is the ability for the user to ‘tip’ the hat to the angled required to adjust the lighting angle.

The Bowler Hat Table Lamp sits on a slender steel post on a matt black steel base. There is an inline switch about 50cm down the cord from the base. The total length of cord measures 200cm from base to plug. Total height of the actual lamp is 56cm.

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