Aviator Hercules Bookcase


from Barker and Stonehouse

Aviator Hercules is a truly unique bookcase design, noted to be influenced by the mid-20th-century Spitfire aircraft. The Aviator range features a beautiful patchwork of distressed aluminum and rivets emulating the aerodynamic structure of the plane. Details in which Howard Hughes became obsessed with during the construction of his Hughes H-1 Racer as highlighted in the 2004 Aviator film depicting the life of Howard Hughes who later went on to produce the Hughes H-4 Hercules plane, both of which could have very well been the influence of the Aviator furniture range by Thomas Oulton or indeed will go on to spurn a fanbase for this unique furniture range.

Each Aviator Hercules Bookcase is finished with hand built aluminum panels which display a distressed vintage look with intentional scratches, dents and imperfections that give the bookcase a well worn, or should we say, well travelled unique character. The Bookcase measures W104cm x D50cm and stands 190cm tall.

Barker and Stonehouse stock a wide selection of Thomas Oultons Aviator Furniture range including the wonderfully unique Aviator Valkyrie Desk and the bestseller Aviator Tomcat Armchair. If you love this industrial style they’re well worth a look.

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